6. Individual development and adjustment

The ABT-Power Software is developed for every engine variant individually

This does not only make for a harmonious handling but also prevents engine trouble as it usually occurs with low-cost suppliers’ “one fits all” boxes, which often mean engine overload.

Not only the Software, but also the Hardware is developed specifically for each car. The ABT Engine Control is an integrated part of the car. The installation position of the ABT Engine Control using special support brackets made out of Stainless steel (V2A) is individually developed for each car.

The individual and splash-proof cable harnesses enable problem-free integration of the ABT system in the vehicle infrastructure, including the vehicle-internal communication networks. Thanks to the series central plug, installation can be realized quite simply. Here the competing solutions still often require disconnecting and soldering of the cables which is fraught with errors.

By means of a GoreTex® pill for aeration and ventilation of the device, the splash-water repellent housing is additionally protected against formation of condensed water in the interior.

The whole system is extensively tested. This includes environmental testing like electromagnetic compatability, a salt spray test, thermo-shock etc.

ABT offers their own technical component reports from TÜV Rheinland to provide a problem-free registration of the power upgrade. With this ABT customers can be sure to have a car that is comfortable to law.