7. Engine protection

ABT provides top engine protection

For ABT Power upgrades, a huge number of measuring data is analysed and used to achieve a perfect performance while protecting the engine from being overloaded. ABT has specially adapted versions for every car, engine and transmission variant.

Contrary to most competitor’s offers, the developments by ABT prevent damages to the engine and its components by adjusting component protective measures in a vehicle-specific way in the add-on controller:

Performance increase is released only in a vehicle-specifically applied range.
The add-on controller does not disturb any protective measures or the series control unit.

Engine temperature: When the engine is cold, it has only the performance which is released by the series control unit.
When the engine is hot, the performance increase is also run back to the series performance.

Charge air temperature: When the charge air temperature is too high, the performance is taken back to the series level.

Height above sea level: For the protection of the turbocharger, the performance increase is taken back from a vehicle-individual height above sea level because of changed air conditions.

Limitation of the fuel rail pressure: The maximum fuel rail pressure is limited regarding its absolute height for the protection of injection components.