27. April 2017

The new ABT SPORT GR wheel

Individual spring fever arrives!

It doesn’t always have to be a new car – an attractive set of alloy wheels can often be enough to make the own car look new again. For many VW and Audi models, we have extended our product range with the innovative wheel design ABT SPORT GR in two different colors and sizes of 20 and 22 inch. And if you really don’t want something off the shelf, ABT Individual caters to your wishes by offering a color finish you have created by yourself: Thus every wheel housing can show off real “haute couture”.

For the standard ABT SPORT GR, on the other hand, customers can choose between two paint finishes with a completely different look: either in “matte black” with a diamond machined surface and matte clear finish or in “glossy black” with a diamond machined rim flange. Both versions share the design features of ten spokes which bisect towards the rim flange, the recessed hub area and the strongly concave rim base. While the fully diamond machined surface of the ABT SPORT GR matte black creates a great level of plasticity and delicate elegance, the ABT SPORT GR glossy black with diamond machining only on the flange appears more aggressive.

If this has piqued your interest, you can configure your Audi or VW with the new ABT SPORT GR alloy wheels on the ABT configurator without obligation. The website also offers many other wheel designs for a variety of vehicles from the Volkswagen Group.

ABT SPORT GR – data and facts:

Dimensions:    9x20 (offset 33/37) and 10x22 inch (offset 20)
Finish:             „matt black“, „glossy black“ or special finish by ABT Individual
Construction: cast, monobloc

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