30. November 2017

What's new in Essen? ABT reveals its portfolio for the popular exhibition

The Essen Motor Show is the largest annual vehicle exhibition in Germany, with over 350,000 visitors last year. 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the mega event and ABT Sportsline has brought stacks of equipment to the eight-day tuning party from December 2 to 10: At booth 3A155 in Hall 3, the German company will be presenting the ABT RS3 with 500 HP. And it is the world premiere of the ABT Vossen SQ7 ‘1 of 10‘. In addition to numerous visual components, the ABT Golf VII R offers an impressive 400 HP – compared to the basic version that is a similar power boost as for the RS3. And last but not least, the Smartcar upgrade ABT Power Monitor is also presented live to the public for the first time.


The Audi RS models traditionally represent the highest level of performance and equipment. But ABT Sportsline, the market leader for tuning cars from the Audi and VW Group, still sees room for improvement and presents the ABT RS3 with around 500 HP (368 kW) and upgraded driving dynamics. The production model of the RS 3 has 400 HP (294 kW). And thanks to the specially developed and adapted engine control unit, the power boost of type ABT Power R increases neither wear nor fuel consumption. With ABT suspension springs and  ABT sport stabilizers, the ABT RS3 perfectly brings the power of the 2.5 liter, 5-cylinder in-line engine onto the road. Moreover, the tuner already develops a special ABT Damper Setup in cooperation with its partner KW automotive. The objective is to create both a sporty and comfortable driving experience. The ABT brake upgrade kit, which hides behind the 19 and 20 inch rims in ABT DR, ER-C, ER-F or FR design, always stops the ABT RS3 with absolute precision. The ABT RS3 comes with a front skirt add-on, a front grille add-on with RS3 logo, a rear skirt set with ABT Exhaust System and various ABT RS3 finishing upgrades for the interior.

ABT Vossen SQ7 ‘1 of 10‘

When ABT Sportsline makes the rare exception of not using rims from its own portfolio for a new vehicle model, this usually hints at very special alloy wheels and an extraordinary project. To design the ultimate Audi SQ7, the worldwide leading tuning company for models from the Audi and VW Group, partnered with the trendsetting brand Vossen Wheels from Miami. The ABT Vossen SQ7 ‘1 of 10‘ is the result. Nomen est omen: the edition is limited to ten vehicles. The trademarks of this creation are the unique Vossen forged wheels in 10x22 inch, which were specially created for this ultimate SUV. ABT also tackled the body of the SQ7, dressing it up with impressive aerodynamic components. The new wide-design kit includes a front skirt, fender extensions, a rear skirt set with new muffler and tail pipes, a rear wing and door strips. In addition, attractive carbon elements were installed on the front grille, the front lip, the rear skirt add-on and the doors to create an even more luxurious but still sporty look.


The first Golf GTI already wiped its mostly much stronger opponents from the fast lane by the dozen. The current Golf VII R is even more successful at that, after it was endowed by ABT with 400 HP (294 kW) instead of the standard 310 HP (228 kW). The ABT Engine Control (AEC) also increases the maximum torque from 400 to 500 Nm. With optional ABT suspension springs or ABT height adjustable suspension springs and ABT sports stabilizers, the compact rocket corners beautifully even in hairpin bends. Furthermore, the company has a powerful 6-piston brake system with fixed calipers in their portfolio to stop all that horsepower. Black chrome-plated ABT tail pipes and attractive ABT alloy wheels in the designs DR and ER-C are easy on the eye. ABT side skirts and a tail gate add on designed as a diffuser are also part of the visual power display.

ABT Power Monitor

Power or brains? The state-of-the-art power boost packages from ABT Sportsline offer both – as demonstrated by the new 3rd generation ABT Engine Control units that are supplied with the ABT Power Monitor designed by PACE as a standard. The app, which communicates with the control unit via Bluetooth, will revolve around the ABT Power Monitor. This “monitor” provides a comprehensive live overview of the power boost: What are the additional power reserves of the engine? Which tuning factor is currently being applied? What is the extra wheel torque being used? All this is obvious at a glance. In addition, all those who always wanted to know how fast they are really going, can now determine the more accurate value with the app, simply by deactivating the speedometer feed in the app and using the phone GPS data for high speeds. The system also offers a range of other convenient functions which were integrated thanks to the partnership with the startup company PACE.

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