One for all conditions – the new ABT Touareg

While racing camels have to do without a front spoiler, the Bavarian tuner provides a sporty PUR (polyurethane) rear wing. The front is adorned with a front grille add-on and headlight covers. ABT Sportsline’s materials and finishes come in OE quality and make the Touareg thoroughly conspicuous, also through the various alloy wheels. Available are the CR (20’’), DR (22’’) and ER-C (20’’), optionally also in various shades and including high-performance tyres. Valve caps featuring the ABT Logo round off each respective package. In addition ABT suspension springs or the ABT Level Control, for cars with air suspension, complete the package.

From a serial model to a character actor

If you value individuality as much as dynamism, the ABT team is your perfect pit-stop crew. Our designers, engineers, technicians and model makers work hand in hand – from the first blueprints and models to prototype production and part production including TÜV approval. 

The result is worth the candle: A fully self-developed tuning programme that turns your VW Touareg into a fascinating, very dynamic sports car that has its very own character.