The ER-C. All of a piece.

It is the latest ABT high-performance rim. And already a classic among 5-spoke sports rims.Impressive in appearance. Superior in finish. Exceptional in every way. But above all:unforgettable once you have experienced it at first hand. The cast ABT ER-C. For the VW Touareg it is available in 20 inches.


The DR wheel

A typical ABT, but then again, not quite. Anyway, it is probably the most extraordinary sport wheel you will currently be able to see and drive. Of optimised weight and a revolutionary design, with a perfected concentricity. It is the first ABT with a machine-relieved rim well. And it is the first in a gun-metal look. People will certainly pay attention. For the VW Touareg it is available in 22 inches.

For a perfect look

Elegant or dynamic, modern or classic. Silver or titanium. Always professionally balanced in terms of weight and handling: ABT aluminium wheels will make your VW Touareg look perfect.

After all, they immediately convey the impression that they meet all of the highest standards, be it on the race track or on the road. And that they not only look good but also want to be used.