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ABT launches TT Cup at DTM

The show goes on

Following the official end of the Audi Sport TT Cup, fans will be able to continue enjoying the one-make cup in 2018. With support from Audi and other partners ABT Sportsline will organize the Audi Sport ABT TT Cup next season. It is planned to hold two races on each of six DTM weekends. Interested drivers can start applying now at

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The car

The Audi TT cup is the racing version of the Audi TT and delivers 228 kW (310 hp) with a weight of only 1,125 kilogrammes. The car benefits from the technological innovations of the production model – particularly in terms of lightweight design. 

The body shell of the Audi TT racing version consists of aluminum and carbon fibre. The highly complex material mix marks the next evolutionary stage of the Audi Space Frame (ASF). The body is so light that it can be adopted for racing nearly unchanged from the production line in Győr. The 228 kW (310 hp) two-liter four-cylinder TFSI and the six-speed S tronic transmission stem from the production car nearly unchanged. Only the crankcase ventilation has been modified for the higher centrifugal forces that typically occur in racing.

The safety concept of the Audi TT cup is comprehensive, with Audi Sport drawing on its long-standing experience in motorsport. Every TT cup has a safety seat, which has already proven itself in the Audi R8 LMS. The fire extinguishing system is used at Audi in GT racing and the DTM. In addition, the Cup race car has an FIA-certified safety fuel tank with a capacity of 100 litres, plus side impact protection with a Kevlar impact protection plate, plus crash foam in the driver’s door. Maximum safety and stiffness is also provided by a steel roll cage specially designed for the Audi TT cup which is welded to the bodywork.

The drivers can also activate the Push-to-pass option by pressing a button on the steering wheel. As a result, they change the engine characteristics and can momentarily request 30 horsepower more. The excitement during the 30-minute races increases thanks to the additional engine power, because the chance of overtaking is increased. A blue lamp behind the windscreen shows that the additional power is activated. LEDs in the rear screen show the competitors and spectators how often the driver can still request more power. The number of requests is defined in the regulations.

Race calendar Audi Sport ABT TT Cup


     4.–6. May                    Hockenheim (D)

22.–24. June                Norisring (D)

   13.–15. July                 Zandvoort (NL)

   7.–9. September         Nürburgring (D)

     21.–23. September     Red Bull Ring (A)

   12.–14. October         Hockenheim (D)

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